Css Rock Stars

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  • 1 Andrew ~ Aug 28, 2008 at 3:36 am

    CSSROCKSTARS or CSS ROCKSTARS by Twenty Six Media LLC ended up canceling my order on the promised delivery day.

    After paying them approx. 250 USD for a PSD to WordPress conversion they have made me loose a full week in a website delivery project.

    Initially I received no confirmation of the order and had to call and email myself. I got a response – from someone who was at home I think – that everything was in order. The next week I called/emailed again to see when my order would be done. They promised delivery on Thursday. Later than advertised but I can live with that.

    Today on delivery day I receive an email that they have canceled my order because they have no time!! Horrible horrible experience and don’t recommend using them if you are ever on a deadline.

    I DO NOT RECOMMEND USING CSS ROCKSTARS. (Google and see the other responses people put up about them.

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